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    by RaMarcus » 21 Sep 2017, 23:10


    Settings are default if not detailed below, use these numbers in your calculators (Dododex etc).

    • Current maps: Ragnarok, Aberration & The Island
    • Prim Plus: No
    • PVE (Ragnarok has daily timed PVP 8pm-10pm for events, see server rules for details - ALL TIMED PVP IS CURRENTLY DISABLED, BUT YOU CAN STILL TRIBE WAR IF YOU FANCY IT (tribe leaders need to hold Y on each other)
    • No survivor downloads/transfers
    • Dino and item transfers enabled
    • All Tek engrams auto unlock at level 85 (no engram points or boss kills required)
    • Element found in all Blue Beacons (up to 3 per drop, and up to 6 element from ringed Blue Beacons).
    • Max wild dino level: 600
    • Friendly fire enabled
    • Crosshair enabled
    • Flyer carry enabled (will be disabled if abused)
    • Cave flying disabled
    • Disease resets on death
    • Map position enabled
    • Tribe alliance – disabled on Ragnarok, enabled on Aberration & The Island
    • Max members per tribe 20
    • Exp x2
    • Gather amount x2
    • Taming x5
    • Mating interval .5
    • Incubation/Gestation 10
    • Maturation 10
    • Anyone can imprint
    • Baby imprint stat multiplier 2
    • Baby cuddle grace period 2
    • Character food drain .5
    • Character water drain .5
    • Player weight x5
    • Player stamina x2
    • Player movement speed x3
    • Player oxygen x3
    • Player fortitude x5
    • Dino weight x5
    • Dino stamina x2
    • Supply Drop Quality x1.2
    • Fishing quality x1.5
    • Max structures nearby 1300
    • All containers lockable
    • Corpse locator enabled
    • Structure placement collision enabled/allowed
    • Multi platform floors enabled
    • Unlimited respects enabled
    • Landing on other tribes platforms enable
    • Floating damage text enabled
    • Resource protection enabled
    • Destroy unconnected water pipes after two days
    • Structure and dino decay timers x3, however admin may remove after 14 days manually. Contact RaMarcus if you have any concerns and are going to be away longer.
    • Allow crate spawns on top of structures
    • Spawn locator enabled
    • Offline Raid/Damage Protection (ORP) enabled/instant
    • Resource regrowth radius 0.5
    • Platform saddle object limit 1.5
    Please note that these values are unlikely to change (so don’t ask). However we do hold boost events so keep an eye out on our Twitter and Event Forum for more information.
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